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At the forefront of all our activities is refining. At Hindustan Platinum, we have state of the art and sophisticated precious metal refining facilities. We handle a wide variety of precious metal scrap and spent catalysts, sometimes containing just traces of different precious metals. Each consignment received goes through an extensive process of batching, melting, sampling and assaying.

We constantly strive to maximize recovery of precious metal from scrap. We can physically return the recovered metal in any form to suit individual requirements. We can refine up to 99.99% purity. In keeping with international standards, we refine and return the metal with a minimum guarantee of 99.95%. But, we can also refine upto 99.99% purity upon requirement.

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Keeping in mind it's high intrinsic value, we recycle all precious metal bearing scrap. We are completely equipped to recover precious metal contained in industrial scrap as well as catalysts and refine and recycle the same for fabrication into new products as per requirement, or for sale or credit into a metal account.


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Two types of plant cleaning services are offered by Hindustan Platinum (HP).

Destructive Cleaning

Precious metal that escape from the catalyst/ catchment systems over a period of time get deposited on heat exchange surfaces of various down-stream equipments. Destructive cleaning is a process to recover deposited precious metals from the equipment after their useful life.

Since 1997, HP has been carrying out destructive cleaning of plant equipments to recover precious metals. We maximize the recovery of precious metals from redundant equipments by using     superior cleaning technology thereby offering the best value to our customers.

Non-Destructive Cleaning

Non-destructive cleaning is a process to recover precious metals by chemical and/ or mechanical methods without affecting the residual life of the equipment.

During the normal operation of nitric acid/ caprolactam/ cyanide/ sodium nitrite plants, precious metal escape from the catalyst/ catchment systems, get deposited on the downstream equipments such as tubes of waste heat boiler, economizer, tail gas heater, etc. This lowers the heat transfer across the exchangers and affects plant efficiency.

The essence of clean down operation lies in the mechanical or chemical treatment of the surface, so that maximum precious metal deposits on the exchangers can be removed and collected without affecting the life of the equipment. Non-destructive cleaning has dual benefits to customers,

Improve efficiency of heat exchangers
Derive maximum value from recovered precious metals

Hence, it is advisable to periodically clean the plant by the non-destructive method.

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It is our constant endeavor to provide need-based solutions, which go beyond the use of standard catalyst for optimizing individual catalytic reactions.

Due to certain losses during process, make up metals are required to be added to manufacture the product. These metals can either be provided physically or can be added to the customer's metal pool. Hindustan Platinum maintains metal pools for customers with open orders with metal account statements being forwarded monthly. In addition to supplying such make up metals, Hindustan Platinum also provides the customer the options to buy and sell precious metals that are traded in the international markets on a daily basis.