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We also manufacture a wide array of catalysts which are indispensable to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Our experience in manufacturing catalysts, combined with our commitment to customers has resulted in technologies that have been perfected into an exact science. We, therefore, assure better process yields, improved product quality and greater cost-effectiveness in production.

Our catalysts are subjected to stringent quality control. This entails monitoring of materials and processes at every step of manufacturing and activity control of each batch. We have in-house facilities for analysis of high purity precious metals, their compound and scraps.

We provide a wide range of catalysts, supported and unsupported. Some of the standard supported catalysts are:

  • Palladium on charcoal
  • Palladium hydroxide on charcoal
  • Palladium on Calcium Carbonate
  • Palladium on Barium Sulfate
  • Platinum on charcoal
  • Rhodium on charcoal

Amongst unsupported catalysts, we manufacture a range of metal oxides and their 'Blacks' such as:

  • Platinum Oxide
  • Platinum/Rhodium Oxide
  • Palladium Oxide
  • Silver oxide

Considerable amount of time is devoted by our researchers to develop customized and need specific catalysts. Starting with pilot plant catalyst preparation to testing for each new formulation with respect to the customers' operating conditions, we take every measure to ensure that the catalyst is the most suitable in the given set of parameters. These result in tremendous savings in terms of time and money due to improved and accelerated performance. Our gamut of comprehensive services on the offer start with providing the right solution and ending with optimum recycling of its most valuable components.

In other words, a solution for all matters.

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