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Gauzes are used in the conversion of Ammonia to Nitric Acid and in the manufacture of Hydrogen Cyanide. At Hindustan Platinum, we manufacture catalyst gauzes of Pt/Rh alloy, both woven as well as WEFT knitted. We have an active collaboration with dmc2 (formerly, Degussa-Huls), Germany for knitted gauzes. We can manufacture seamless knitted gauzes up to even 4.5metres in diameter. Due to its 3-D structure, our gauzes offer greater surface area for increased catalytic activity. This leads to longer campaigns and greater conversion efficiencies at your plant.

We manufacture Palladium alloy catchment gauzes that help retrieve platinum that would normally be lost in the process of manufacture of fertilizers. Adapting technology that originally came from Engelhard Corp., USA, we have made great strides even after our license agreement ended in 1994.

Additionally, platinum that gets fused to the catchment gauze can also be fully recovered and refined by us.

As a complete source of to the 'Nitro-Process' industry, we also provide steel separator screens.

We also make Silver gauzes for manufacturers of Acetic acid. These gauzes having a wire diameter of 0.35 mm and a wire mesh of 20-mesh/linear inch are woven to width as per specifications provided by the customer. The purity of Silver used for manufacture of the gauzes is greater than 99.9%.

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