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Backed by technology from Engelhard-CLAL, we manufacture both clad as well as unclad stirrers used in the glass industry. At our plant, we have a complete setup for manufacture of both evacuated and non-evacuated stirrers.

Be it paddle stirrers, stirrer bars, homogenizing stirrers, gobbing stirrers, we make them all.

We also make complete feeder systems or components thereof such as orifice rings, drain tubes, heating elements, bubblers, probes, thimbles and thermocouple wires, etc.

For making evacuated and clad stirrers, we have state-of-the-art Leak Detection equipment, which helps take us a step closer to zero-defect products.

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We manufacture various platinum components used by the glass industry. We provide service to the container glass industry, the float glass industry, the tube industry, the light bulb manufacturers and tableware manufacturers. We provide standard products such as drain tubes, thimbles, bubblers, level probes, orifice liners and rings. We also specialize in custom fabrications for the industry in various alloys.

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