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We are the first and currently the only manufacturers using laser technology in India to supply bushings to the glass fiber industry. Laser welded bushings allow for complete flexibility affording the customer all opportunities for their trials of new designs.

We collaborated with Engelhard-CLAL based in Carteret, NJ in the US for upgrading our existing technology. This has enabled us to produce quality bushings at par with some of the best in the world.

With the aid of latest technologies and an extra-ordinary blend of human skill and automated CNC machines we provide true international quality bushings at reasonable prices. With our in-house refinery we ensure materials of the highest purity including thermocouple wires.

Once again, to provide you with all options, in addition to manufacturing bushings and thermocouple wires, we also provide services of procuring make up metals that may be required. We are in the process of developing reliable technology for recovering precious metals that migrate to the refractory during usage.

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