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The man-made fiber industry depends on us for staying ahead of the latest trends. We manufacture precious metal spinnerettes ranging from 1 hole up to 2200 holes in a cup diameter of about half an inch. Each spinnerette, manufactured as per customers' requirements, is within tolerances as tight as half a micron in diameter. Although we manufacture spinnerettes in our standard Platinum/Gold/Rhodium alloys, we can supply other specialty alloys as required by our customers.

We supply special alloy steel cluster holders where required. This provides the customer tremendous saving by way of reduced investment in precious metals. Another advantage of this technology is easy replacement of individual eyes/thimbles instead of the entire spinnerette, once again leading to tremendous savings for our customer.

As an added protection for the spinnerette we provide tantalum filters. These filters have a hole diameter just smaller than that of the spinnerette it is protecting. All foreign material is thereby filtered which increases the life of the spinnerette.

Stainless steel cup-form spinnerettes complete our repertoire of products for the synthetic fiber industry. These can have up to 6000 holes with 50 microns hole diameter to produce acrylic staple fiber using the wet spinning process.

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