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Hindustan Platinum manufactures a wide range of contacts depending on the circuit, handling currents varying from micro amps to hundreds of amperes.

Our contacts are made as per customer requirements and specifications, taking into consideration:

  • The electrical design factors like magnitude of current and voltage, type of load and contact protection
  • The mechanical design factors, frequency of speed of operations i.e., number of make or break operations, chatter, width of contact gap and wipe
  • The environmental factors such as emission of gases and fumes on oxidation foreign contaminants and impurities, temperature and humidity
  • The economic factors. In other words, the cost of the contact to the customer and its reduction thereby by reducing the proportion of noble metals.

The six broad categories of contacts, covering wide areas of application are:

  • Solid Contacts
  • Projection Welding Buttons
  • Bimetal Contacts
  • Contacts on Carriers
  • Trimetal Contacts
  • Contact Tapes
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We also manufacture brazing alloys, containing silver ranging from 2% to 93% for joining ferrous, non-ferrous and dissimilar metals and alloys. These conform to world standards like DIN, JIS, and BS amongst others.

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We provide contact material in semi-finished forms-round and flat, wires, sheets and strips used in the electrical and electronic industries.

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